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I Made Ada is a third generation master wood carver from Pakudui village near Tegallalang and Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. Made specializes in exquisitely hand carved sculptures and three-dimensional paneling from the best woods available in Asia. From his home in Pakudui, Made personally supervises and instructs some of the best carvers in Bali.
Of the work sculpted here, Made is best known for his Garudas and traditional panel work.
Panels depicting the Mahabrata and Ramayana stories are very detailed and life-like making them sought after by collectors and galleries. Made’s hand carved doors, windows, and furniture have also become popular throughout Asia and the west for their artistic qualities. The Garuda and Balinese lion sculptures produced by Made are world renown and are displayed in presidential palaces, museums, and homes around the world. The Made Ada Art Gallery also produces many types of Animals, Dragons, and Human figures that are of the highest quality.

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