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Czech expedition diver´s boat operates since 2008 mainly on the fantastic Komodo Islands and between Flores (Labuhan Bajo) and Sumbawa (Bima), where you will, apart from diving with sharks, manta rays, jacks, tuna fish or turtles, experience treks with the aim to find Komodo Dragons, the largest land-living carnivorous reptiles in the world.
We prepared for you unusual routes, which are not used by tourists. There will be a chance for discovering virgin dives for experienced divers. You will meet the native people of the Bajo tribe. You can also do some fishing here, ride on water skis or wakeboard and mainly draw some energy from the beautiful sea and the amazing and unique island landscape.
The Sea Lady also sails with an additional mission, which is to spread some education among the native fishermen regarding the threat of hunting with dynamite and cyanide. This activity is supported by Sony Czech s.r.o. and UWH s.r.o., which stand at the birth of a remarkable photo competition THE SEA LADY UW PHOTO COMPETITION, whose medial partner is the OCEAN magazine.

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